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Pharma Products

Pharmaceutical clinical trials are an essential step in the development of new medicines. Clinical trials establish the efficacy and safety of new pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medicines or medical devices.

Our clinical operations team is highly experienced and trained in effective site management services, ranging from feasibility study to study close-out. Collectively, the team has vast experience in several therapeutic areas. We ensure the best clinical services, highest ethical standard and quality clinical data.

We have expertise in finding the right Investigator site which is crucial to the success of a clinical trial. Sites must have adequate capacity, experienced site staff, access to suitable patient populations and the ability to perform required clinical assessments. Responsive participant patient enrollment and dedicated clinical trial managers are critical to achieving your development milestones and delivering study outcomes to meet regulatory requirements.

Cosmetic Products

Our expertise in Clinical testing of your cosmetics and personal care products will play a key role in substantiating your product claims for packaging and advertising whilst also ensuring that your products are safe and effective for consumer use. Product claims need to be supported by robust evidence as consumers become more demanding and advertising authorities become more vigilant. Overcoming challenges in running clinical trials - such as volunteer recruitment and ensuring that clinical data is robust - are critical to success.

Herbal Products

Herbal and neutraceutical products have become increasingly popular in recent years and companies are looking for options to develop products most efficient, as an innovative Contract Research Organization we are always seeking for new opportunities to offer our clients the most up-to-date services in the areas of clinical research of Herbal and neutraceuticals.

We have executed our first Herbal clinical trial in 2008, since then we have an experienced team in designing and conducting Nutraceutical & Herbal clinical studies. Since then several successful executions have been accomplished for products pertaining to nutrition, dietary supplements, Ayurvedic products, probiotics etc. Our skilled work force combines expertise and ability, which are the hallmarks in optimizing long lasting partnerships.