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Bio Analytical

  • Bioanalytical Research Laboratory at AARPL is involved in the analysis of drugs and/or active metabolites from biological matrices in support of Bioavailability (BA), Bioequivalence (BE) and Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies as part of the early clinical development programs.

  • The laboratory offers development, validation and application of the analytical methods for various pharmacologically active moieties in different biological matrices.

  • With the state-of-the-art instrumentation including LC-MS/MS 3200 and 4000, the laboratory provides services to meet the quality parameters as well as timelines.

  • With its highly skilled and experienced researchers, the laboratory possesses competency in development, validation and transfer of the bioanalytical method.

  • Our functions follow applicable GLP principles with comprehensive SOPs implemented for various activities in the laboratory. Each activity is closely monitored by the QA personnel for compliance with SOPs, protocol as well as applicable national and international regulatory requirements. At Anazeal, we are committed to provide quality bioanalytical services with a rapid turnaround time.


  • LC-MS/MS techniques
  • Sample Processing
  • Balance
  • Working Standards (WS) storage
  • Water Purification unit
  • Fume Hood
  • Reagent Storage
  • Sample storage
  • Glassware washing
  • High standard instrumentation such as Deep-Freezers @-20°C & -70°C, temperature controlled centrifuge machines is used.
  • The Bio-analytical team including Analytical Investigator (Bio-analytical Head), Lab Managers, Group Leader and Analysts is qualified, trained and experienced in execution of different assays. Bio-analytical team has hardcore expertise in handling different analytical challenges:
  • Pro-drug analysis
  • Parent –Metabolites simultaneous analysis
  • Chiral Analysis
  • Hormones


  • Development of bioanalytical methods for drugs and/or metabolites using LC-MS/MS or HPLC/UPLC
  • Experience in bioanalysis of wide range of drug molecules.
  • Bioanalytical report preparation and review
  • Bioanalysis to support BA, BE, PK, early clinical development


  • Development and validation of bioanalytical methods for analysis of drug(s) and/ or active metabolite(s) in biological matrices (e.g. blood, plasma, serum, urine, etc.), and application of method for clinical PK (including Phase I/Phase II)/TDM studies
  • Development, validation and transfer of bioanalytical method
  • Adoption and partial validation of the bioanalytical methods transferred by sponsor
  • Development of protocols for method development, method validation and bioanalytical study
  • Preparation of customized analytical report ready for regulatory submission


  • USFDA + GLP approved facility
  • DCGI approved facility
  • Expertise in development of methods for various types of analyses (LC-MS/MS analysis of small molecules/enantiomers).
  • Flexibility in terms of services offered: Bioanalytical alone or as part of BA/BE/Clinical PK study (Phase I, Phase II)/TDM studies