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Bioanalytical Laboratory features the latest bioanalysis equipment and technologies and a specialized Method Development Group of scientists committed to developing methods with the lowest LOQ and very rapid turnaround times.

We offer validated methods for drugs in all major therapeutic areas, ready to be used with a short lead time to analyze drugs and metabolites in biological fluids.

The Project Management Group utilizes project management techniques to track and ensure that bioanalytical projects are completed in the shortest time possible.

The Analysis Group works in three shifts, allowing for 24/7 operation of our analytical equipment, and ensuring that client’s timelines are always met.

From simple to complex, all bioanalytical projects are approached with a focus on excellence, efficiency and speed. Our goal is to consistently provide the best possible analysis in the shortest time while maintaining full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Our Bioanalytical services provide

## Method development
## Method validation
## Method transfer
## HPLC Analysis of drug and metabolites in biological fluids from clinical trials
## LC-MS/MS Analysis of drug and metabolites in biological fluids from clinical trials

Custom Method Development

The Method Development Group is a dedicated group of experienced scientists who routinely works develops complex bioanalytical methods in a limited time, helping clients get products approved and into the marketplace faster. By working closely with clients, we can develop custom methods, including: Metabolites analysis, Analysis of multiple analytes from combination drug products

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